Teetering takes a look at what happens when Mother Nature cannot convince humans that it is time – past time, actually – to take global warning seriously. She can be quite vindictive, Mother Nature …

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The humans are at it again, she despaired, their actions are reckless, unstable. I’ve warned them so often, but they have not changed, and soon, they will not be able.

The birds have retreated, the bees nearly gone, the sun burns too brightly each day, the storms that blow strongly from ocean far inland should show them they must mend their ways.

“They still could reverse it”, she said to herself, “but how can I force them to listen?” She opened the window and took a deep breath, determined to find a solution.

A sad Mother Nature returned to her desk. She held her draft papers and sighed. “Here’s what I’ll tell Him”, she told herself firmly. “I’ve failed, though I’ve certainly tried.”

“Father”, she wrote, “I have struggled my hardest, but humans it seems cannot face it. They’re clever indeed but so short-sighted too, and perhaps too afraid to embrace it.”

She put down her pen as the tears filled her eyes, She covered her face with her hands. “There’s only one way through this darkest of nights. I am through making subtle demands.

I’ll send them a winter with snowfall so deep, their shovels and snow plows will falter, I’ll send them a summer to keep them inside, tornadoes and hail, but no water.”


His hand touched her shoulder, His voice soft but clear. A column of light filled the room. His face filled her mind with His eyes full of love, compassion and worry and pain.

“In Your Name”, she murmured, and sank to her knees, knowing that He disagreed. She waited respectfully, biding her time, to see how He’d want to proceed.

“I like them,“ He said, “they are favorites of mine.  Of all of my creatures, they pray.  They sing to Me, in churches, and temples and mosques, Their noises are joyful to Me.”

He waved at her, moving her back to her desk, Her draft papers blank, starkly waiting. “We must find a way to convince them this time; there is no more time for debating.”

She straightened her papers and started again, although it was now nearly dawn. “I’ll give You my best,” she said humbly to Him. “I expect it”, He said and was gone.

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