Why write a book?

I’ve been asked why I chose to write a book about global warming and its effect on our society. Take a look around you, especially these past few days – the West and Northwest parts of our country are seeing record heat. The Northeast is sweltering, too. Harsh storms, rising temperatures, rising ocean levels, ground baked by the sun, crops wilting and dying … it did not take much imagination to write about these things. All I had to do was ask myself: what’s going to happen? What will life be like on our warming planet in two, three, ten generations? To my way of thinking, there are only two ways to go, if the planet becomes uninhabitable by humans – leave for another planet (not likely!), or move underground, where it is cooler and safer. Hmmm.

Never See the Sun Again (yes, I did change the name – I like this title much better!) will be released on August 2, 2021 – but it is available now for pre-order. (E-book only; the paperback will be available on August 2, 2021).