Lost and Found

Have there been moments in your life when you felt that God had forsaken you, when you searched for answers but could not find them? To be human is to question and to doubt, but ultimately, I believe that the answers lie within ourselves.

Lost and Found

Your face smiles, but your eyes do not.

Your voice, so carefully casual, does not fool me.

I know you too well, my childhood friend.

How can I save you, before you saw off the branch on which you are sitting?

You say that you cannot find God, that God has forsaken you.

Your prayers fall into the darkness like stones into a well. 

You search with care for just the right words, hoping that your prayer will please God, and the door will open wide for you. 

Be still, my friend.  It’s not your words that God wants.

God comes in all flavors, all colors, all shapes.

God knows the song of the Orca, the hoot of the owl on the hunt in the twilight.

God speaks all languages, She speaks your language. 

God hears the mute, the impaired, and those who cannot form words even within themselves. 

God listens to your heart, not your tongue.

You do not need a fancy prayer written by someone else somewhere else, to interface with heaven;

You need only turn your heart towards your Creator, and like a beacon that splits the darkest of nights, it will tell Her where to find you.

Turn your mind towards God and let your anguished heart roar, and like a shepherd searching for a lost sheep, They will find you.

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