Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys in full regalia, in my back yard! Who would think that five miles from New York City, there would be wild turkeys gobbling away, right here on the lawn. They frequent the neighborhood, sometimes stopping traffic.

Wild turkeys, tail feathers fully extended – what’s going on in my backyard??

Senator Joni Ernst

My heart goes out to Senator Joni Ernst, who this week was backed into a corner and forced to go public with news of her sexual assault on campus when she was a young woman. Documents related to the Senator’s divorce proceedings were inadvertently made public for a brief period of time, and she was asked by reporters about the incident so many years ago.

Date rape, or campus rape, or whatever trendy name we are using now – this is a subject that is very important to me. (Tell, and Learning to Fly.) A victim’s life can be so shattered, so completely derailed during an evening of partying in a consequence-free atmosphere, while the perpetrator – the rapist – suffers no such lingering trauma.

Is that fair?

Stress Baking

Ahhh, stress baking. There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly baked coffee cake, warm from the oven, to soothe jangled nerves. When chronic pain gets to be too … well, chronic – then I turn to my kitchen. I open up the cabinets and ask myself, “What shall I make today?” This is blueberry chocolate chip coffee cake with a light layer of streusel topping. Originally, the recipe was for a plain blueberry coffee cake with a thick layer of streusel topping, but I added dark chocolate chips. If you’re going to bake, it should be worth it.

Blueberry chocolate chip coffee cake can take your mind off just about anything.

Too cold out there!

It’s 9 degrees here in northern NJ, too cold to go outside! Brrrr. It is a good day to stay inside and write. And cook! Here are some homemade pork and shrimp dumplings that we had for dinner last night. I learned how to make these by watching a YouTube video, of course.

Hand made gyoza! So nice to have a good supply of these on hand.