Arabella TippiToes

Cats! What would we do without them? Cats have been bringing comfort and fun to humans for hundreds of years. Sometimes, your cat can feel like your best friend. I’ve always felt that no one appreciates my sense of humor quite like my two cats, Jonathan Henry and Alessandra. They’ve been gone now for many years, but I remember them fondly.

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Arabella TippiToes

Arabella TippiToes, tabby cat with silver toes,

Bright green eyes and tiny nose, what do you do all day?

Long gray whiskers, sharpest teeth, silent, padded little feet,

In the hallway when we meet, you smile and walk on by.

When sofa bound, book on my knees, you leap with great alacrity,

Front legs outstretched to land on me. I hold you close, my friend.

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