About Susan

I am a wife and mother, a designer and machine knitter, an avid and enthusiastic cook, and a poet. For most of my adult life, I have been working hard at building my business, Custom Design Sweater Studio. This is an online business which creates designs one at a time, each designed for an individual customer, knitted on a home knitting machine.

Although I am now officially “semi-retired” (which means that I no longer work on weekends or on holidays), I still work hard at designing sweaters for my famous and not-so-famous clients. My work over the years has included sweaters worn in movies, on a TV commercial, on a favorite children’s cable TV network, at corporate holiday parties, and designs for everyday individuals, too numerous to count, literally thousands of sweaters.

I’ve been writing poetry all of my life, although in years past I never took it seriously. Now, after gracious encouragement from some dear friends, I am indeed taking it seriously. The poems on this blog all come straight from my heart. If you find a poem that speaks to you, that sings to you, that makes you feel like I am talking directly to you – then that makes it all worthwhile.

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